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Here in Europe the weather is not being very nice this month. Last saturday we had a little break and the sun was out, which allowed me to chase an ant and work on some macro pictures. It took me around 15 shots to get the right one, the one where we can see all the details of such a small animal. The light conditions were perfect and I am really happy of the result. Enjoy !!!



This week-end I came back to my home country and luckily we had a beautiful day today which made me happy because I was finally able to play with my camera. I was happy to be able to take nice shots with sun which allows to play with the aperture refreshing my memory and comparing the different settings. The black forest is a really nice and calm place I love coming here and relaxing.

I played with the bracketing on my camera and Photomatix for the HDR and this is really an amazing software, it allows you to have such nice results on the pictures.

Feel free to comment and let me know what you think about the pictures ! Enjoy !!

Bois Buisson Eau House

Here I am opening my first blog about my passion. Since I was a little boy my dream was always to get a camera and take pictures. I got my first camera when I was around 14 and since then I never stopped taking pictures. Pictures of birds, of the trees, of animals, everything I could make a picture of, I did ! My dream was always to have professional camera and make professional pictures. Last year my wife made my dream come true !! She bought me a professional camera, The Canon EOS 7D, since then I work on my pictures every week.

I will post some of my pictures, please feel free to comment, let me know if you like them and I am open to critics ! If you are a professional and would have advises for me please do not hesitate ! I have been trying to sell my work, unfortunately without any success, if you are interested in one of my pictures I will be more than happy to offer you a friendly price !

If you want you can add me on Flickr :

Those are two of my favorite pictures, I admire nature, how quite, trustful these little creatures are. So small but yet so so full of meaning !


Happy Blogging !