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I found an old picture from Paris and i tried working on it, with lightroom it’s amazing how any ordinary picture can become something completely different. I love how easy to use this software is. Feel free to comment 🙂



Last year 1st of August we were at the Murten Lake in switzerland and able to enjoy the fireworks. In the beginning we didn’t understand why a big boat stopped in the middle of the lake until some people explained us that they were going to shot fireworks, great news I had brought my camera. Only issue is that I never shot pictures of fireworks so I didn’t really know what settings to use until some people made it easier for me by using their own little fireworks which allowed me to make some adjustments on my camera.

When the clock hit 10pm this was it, the sky lighted up allowing me to make some pictures and surprisingly I was happy of the results. I am sharing with you some of the shots I made please feel free to comment the pictures and if you know more about fireworks shots please give me some advises.

Enjoy !!

IMG_0541 IMG_0561 IMG_0772 IMG_0806 IMG_0730