About me

My name is Stephan Zuber and I live in Switzerland. i am 23 and work for Novartis in treasury. As you may have noticed one of my Hobbies is taking pictures, I always try, where ever I go, to take my camera not to miss any opportunity to take nice pictures. My wife got me to open this blog as I always tried selling my pictures… but never managed to do so.

Happy blogging 🙂

  1. Leah Astore says:

    Hello Stephen :] Thank you for following my blog. Your photographs are lovely!

  2. Thanks for becoming a subscriber. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging.

  3. angelanowak says:

    Hi, Stephan! I really like your photos. I had hard time choosing which one I like the best. Also I found ti difficult to leave a comment for some reason. Which button to press? it doesn’t save the comment for whatever reason. So I thought I will try here. I think you could make an amazing photographer professorially – there is nothing that is impossible with God. I would love to buy your Eiffel Tower one. That should remind you of impossible. I remember when the architect designed it, they said it will ruin the view of Paris =) . ha ha ha !! let me know the price & how I pay for it. look forward hearing from you! Angela.

  4. angelanowak says:

    And you have a super wife !!! This was a good move ( to expose your work for the world through the blog) for you with her encouragement.

  5. angelanowak says:

    last one, my husband’s name is Stephen. his mom wanted to call him Stephan, but his dad didn’t agree, so they compromised with Stephen! =)

    • stephzub says:

      Dear Angela, thanks a lot for your encouragement and your comments 🙂 really appreciated. I am very glad you like my photos. I think the same as you if it is his will it will happen one day. This is funny about your husband !

      For the picture we can do two different things, I can sell you the digital picture or just a poster that i would have delivered to your house. Please let me know which option you would like.

      Thanks a lot !

      • angelanowak says:

        Digital is fine, I can print the size I want. Thank you! let me know how much& how to pay.

      • angelanowak says:

        Stephan, thank you so much for your trouble! I need to see and wait for a good moment to buy the photo. My children are on holidays this week and I need every penny. By the time I print it & frame it, it is quite an expense for me since I have 5 kids. I will promote your photos among my friends on face book if you like. I still want to help out & I didn’t forget about it.

      • stephzub says:

        Angela, no problem thank you so much for all you support it is much appreciated ! Whenever you want to buy them they are the shop. Thanks a lot for promoting my pictures i can upload any of the pictures on the website and i have more if you would like one just let me know and i can look through to see if i have it 🙂

    • stephzub says:

      Hello Angela, with my wife’s help i finally managed to open my account on Etsy which will make it easier for the purchase. Here is the link to my shop :

      If you have any questions don’t hesitate ! Thanks a lot for your support. May God bless you !!

  6. katehobbs says:

    Hey. Thanks for following my blog. I know its early days for your photo blog but it all looks very professional. Good luck with it.


    • stephzub says:

      Hello Kate, thanks a lot for your encouragement !! It motivates me to keep on doing more 🙂 I really like some of your pictures. Very nice work ! Stephan

  7. Tracy Rhynas says:

    Hi there, thank you for following my blog. Good luck with your photography shop and your blog. I very much enjoyed looking through your pictures, especially the ones of nature – the dandelions and the robin were my favourites.

  8. Martin Shone says:

    Hello, Stephan, thanks for following my photography blog 🙂

  9. sophie says:

    Hello! I was looking at the pictures on your blog and I found a photo I really like!! The Eiffel Tower one. I think that your blog will be very successful and it looks very nice! =)


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