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Posted: May 15, 2013 in Photography
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Here I am opening my first blog about my passion. Since I was a little boy my dream was always to get a camera and take pictures. I got my first camera when I was around 14 and since then I never stopped taking pictures. Pictures of birds, of the trees, of animals, everything I could make a picture of, I did ! My dream was always to have professional camera and make professional pictures. Last year my wife made my dream come true !! She bought me a professional camera, The Canon EOS 7D, since then I work on my pictures every week.

I will post some of my pictures, please feel free to comment, let me know if you like them and I am open to critics ! If you are a professional and would have advises for me please do not hesitate ! I have been trying to sell my work, unfortunately without any success, if you are interested in one of my pictures I will be more than happy to offer you a friendly price !

If you want you can add me on Flickr :

Those are two of my favorite pictures, I admire nature, how quite, trustful these little creatures are. So small but yet so so full of meaning !


Happy Blogging !

  1. neihtn2012 says:

    How did you get so close to the birds?

    • stephzub says:

      I was in France at my moms house and she has a balcony, I hid myself behind the window waiting for the bird to get and get food that we left on the balcony…… and I was lucky….

  2. Thanks for your comments to my recent posts. You seem to have a very good eye for photography, and certainly know how to use your camera. Shots like these sell well as Xmas greeting cards.
    It is getting increasing difficult to sell any kind of prints these days as anyone who is any one can upload images to any website really what with mobile phones and snap and shoot cameras being so affordable.
    I have sold quite a few prints over the years, but no matter how many you sell it will never be enough to make a living out of.

    The first print I ever sold was on a website called I uploaded 3 images and asked stupid prices for them. within 3 days I sold one print for £500. I actually got £326 as the website take a commission. I got an online print company to print the 10″ x 16″ image and they charged me £2.39 for the print.

    It has never happened since and I should not imagine it ever will again, but it is ALWAYS worth a try.

    I started earning from my photography with wedding photography. Don’t advertise yourself as a wedding photographer for the first year, just try and get in on your friends and families weddings, BUT NEVER SAY THAT YOU WILL BE THE OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER. This way you can practice, build up a portfolio and then in a years time when you have photographed a few weddings as favours and for FREE, you then have enough images to use to put up on your website.

    I no longer do wedding photography though as I started to get too stressed, I had a wedding booked one year for every Saturday for the whole year, I was charging around £500 as an average, which was great money, but it does then tend to take over your life a little.

    But hey, give it a go. There are several ways that you can make money from photography, but just by posing your prints online is not always enough. I sell on average around 5 to 9 prints most weeks from my website, I also make money from logo design which again is not regular money, but don’t be afraid to charge a good price.

    I look forward to your next post, and remember, it is ALWAYS worth a try.

    Good luck, and hopefully chat soon


    • stephzub says:

      Thank a lot for your comment and encouragement. I tried selling my pictures on thwo websites one was ALAMY but i don’t remeber the other one. I never managed to sell any though.

      Thank you for your advises i will try around me to advertise the way you did it. I know that it gets harder and harder as all these softwares are already having those pre-settings and in two clicks is done what would take hours before. I will keep on trying though hoping that one day it will pay off. I am always trying to get better and watch tutorials online.

      Do you use a special website to sell your pictures or is it the WordPress one ?

      Thanks again and keep up the good work ?

  3. Jerry says:


  4. Sherri Stone says:

    These are beautiful! Thanks for following me – I will follow you too:)

  5. Leah Givens says:

    Thanks for following me. These are great, especially since you said you just started with a professional camera! I’ll be looking forward to more.

  6. mftcamera says:

    Stephan, you could check out stock agencies too. Some are rubbish but some are very serious. The one I work for is Alamy. I’ve sold several images over the years.

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